Belgium Investment Program

Belgium Residency Program

Residence by Investment Programme

With a rich global presence, Belgium is the financial capital of Europe. It is a very investor-friendly nation and has favourable tax laws for businesses. Unlike other countries, Belgium doesn’t have the “citizenship by investment” programme, however, it offers “residence by investment” opportunity for business entrepreneurs and investors. It is the only European country where you can become eligible to apply for citizenship just after three years of continued lawful residence. And after seven years of residence, you qualify for “citizenship by right”.  Belgium’s residence programme therefore is very suited for investors and businessmen who want to reside in Europe.

Benefits of Belgium Residency:

  • The country has a strong European presence
  • There is no minimum stay in a year requirement
  • One can apply for Belgian citizenship just after three years of residence
  • There are no restrictions on dual citizenship
  • One can enjoy visa-free travel to other EU countries
  • Shorter processing time

Foreigners and non-EU residents can apply for a Belgian residence permit under their investor or business category – this usually requires forming a new Belgium company with an office, providing opportunities for employment. An owner of a company in Belgium can easily get a Belgian residence permit. Investors who start their own companies can get a residence permit in 3-8 months. The investor will initially be issued a temporary permit with validity of one year; after the end of this period, the investor can renew the residence permit annually for three years. Thereafter, the investor qualifies for a “permanent residence permit”.

The most popular company types in Belgium are BVBA and SPRL. The BVBA company in Belgium works like a Limited Liability Company and requires share capital of at least €18,600. According to Belgian regulations, taxes are around 30% and returns need to be filed annually. Investors can considerably minimize tax liability with proper tax planning.

Minimum Investment

Investors should have a minimum of €300,000 at their disposal if they want to apply for the investor residency programme in Belgium. The fee for applications varies with each case. A residence application involves the following minimum fees (which excludes VAT, but may apply depending on the client’s case):

For main applicant:

  • €95,000 to obtain a residence permit for the first year
  • €25,000 for renewal of residence permit in the second year and subsequent years
  • €35,000 for making a citizenship application, which the investor resident will qualify for after third year of residence
  • For family members (spouses and children under 18 years of age):
  • €20,000 per member to obtain a residence permit for the first year
  • €10,000 for renewal of residence permit in the second year and subsequent years
  • €20,000 for making a citizenship application
  • Company incorporation costs:
  • Approximately €10,000 to €20,000 in the first year for establishing a company and paying directors’ fee, and approximately €5,000 per year thereafter
  • Approximately €6,000 per year for office rental space
  • Approximately €1,000 per month to cover costs of accounting, tax returns and company maintenance, along with private accommodation


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