Company Registration Panama

Panama Company Registrations

Second Most Popular Jurisdiction in the World: Panama is the registered domicile for over 500,000 Panama corporations & Panama foundations, making it the second most popular jurisdiction to incorporate in the world

Panama Company SA ( basic)

$1800 2 weeks incorporation
  • Incorporation plus fees
  • Notary
  • Legal Services Fees

Panama Company Pro Starters

$2900 2 weeks incorporation time
  • Incoporation and fees
  • Notary and lawyer fees
  • Registered office one year
  • Preparation open bank account

  Panama IBC


Panama IBC Package


Preparation and filing of Articles of Incorporation  x  x
Government fee  x  x
Panama Registered Agent and Registered Office fees for the first year  x  x
Articles of Incorporation in English and Spanish  Spanish  English and Spanish
Certificate of Good Standing in English and Spanish  Spanish  English and Spanish
Appointment of the Director (as provided by the client)  x  x
Appointment of the Corporate Officers (as provided by the client)  x  x
Resolution of the Directors Issuing Shares  x  x
Two Transfers of Subscription Rights Letters (one per subscriber)  x  x
Minutes Book of the Company  x  x
The authorized capital of the Company is US$10,000 divided into 100 shares of US$100.00 par value  x  x
Share Certificates (Qty 10)  x  x
Register of Directors and Officers  x  x
Share Register  x  x
Unlimited FREE business consultations (phone and email)
Apostille legalization of the Articles of Incorporation and Certificate of Good Standing - x
Corporate Convenient Seal -  English and Spanish
Assistance with opening a corporate bank account - x
Courier Deliver  extra 110 uds  x
Total $

Panama Company Registrations

About Panama Company

If you would like to incorporate an offshore company in an independent offshore jurisdiction, you should consider a Panama corporation, which is also known as Panama Offshore IBC.
Major advantages of Panama Company:

•Exemption from all local taxes, when income received outside of Panama

•Inexpensive annual support

•No requirements of a minimum paid up capital

•Information about shareholders and beneficial owners is not filed with the Public Registry Office and not available to the public

•Any individual and legal entity may become a shareholder

•No foreign exchange control.

Corporate Legislation

Panamanian corporations are incorporated under the Law No. 32 of 1927 and the Commercial Code (Decree-Law No. 5 of 1997, Article 5).

Corporate Name

The name of Panama IBC may be in any language and must include one of the following legal endings: Incorporated, Corporation, Sociedad Anonima, Inc., Corp., S.A.

The name must be a different from already existing or reserved corporate names in Panama.

Office Address and Local Agent

Each Panamanian corporation must have Panamanian registered office address and Panamanian agent, who is an attorney or a law firm.

Principal office address (business address) of the corporation may be in any country.

Our incorporation fee includes Panama registered office address and registered agent for the first year.


Shares of Panama IBC may be issued to individuals or companies, who are residents of any country.

A minimum of one shareholder is required. A minimum of one share of US$100.00 must be issued to that shareholder.

If you need a nominee shareholder, our company provides such services.

Directors and Officers

Every Panamanian corporation shall be managed by the Board of Directors. A minimum of three directors is required. Corporate directors are not permitted. All directors must be individuals of full age (at least 18 years old). Residents of any country may be appointed as directors.

The Board of Directors appoints officers such as President, Secretary and Treasurer. Officers shall be individuals as well. Officers may be residents of any country. One person may hold more than one officers positions. No officer needs to be a director.

If you do not have three directors or need extra layer of privacy protection, our company is able to provide nominees.

Authorized Capital

Standard authorized capital is US$ 10,000 divided into 100 registered shares of US$ 100 each. Such capital keeps the incorporation and annual cost of Panama IBV at a minimum level.

Authorized capital is the amount, which the company may receive from its shareholders in consideration for the issued shares. For example, if a company has the above authorized capital, it is allowed to issue up to 100 registered shares and receive from its shareholders not less that US$100 for each issued share.

Panama Corporation is not required to issue all its shares for the total amount of authorized capital in any mandatory time frames. The company could issue just one share to a single shareholder and remaining shares or any part of them issue any time in the future or not issue at all.

All issued shares must be paid up by shareholders. It means, if a company issued one share of US$100.00, the shareholder must pay into his company US$100.00.


If a Panama Corporation conducts its business outside of Panama, it is exempt from all local taxes including income tax, capital gain tax, dividend tax, and stamp duty on transfer of corporate shares, and other property.

Annual Fee's

Each Panama Corporation must pay the annual renewal fee starting from the second year. Our annual fees are listed in the Fee Schedule.

Public Records

Information about shareholders and beneficial owners is not filed with the Public Registry Office and not available to the public.

Names and addresses of directors and officers are included in the Articles of Incorporation. Therefore, such information is available to the public.

Our company assist clients with protection of their privacy by offering nominee services.

Accounting and Audit Requirements

There are no statutory requirements of accounting and audit for Panama offshore companies. It's totally up to the corporate directors, what kind of records they would like to keep.

Annual General Meeting

Annual meetings are not required. Board of directors may decide to conduct an annual meeting of shareholders. Such meeting shall be held within Panama unless otherwise stated in the Articles of Incorporation or By-Laws.

Time Required for Incorporation

We incorporate Panamanian corporations the same or next business days. If a client needs to get a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, we could email a scanned copy within 7 business days.

Additional 5 to 8 business days are required for preparation of resolutions, share certificates, registers and legalization of corporate documents with Apostille.

Panama Company Registrations

Accounting Records for Companies & Foundations Available

Private Interest Foundations

2400 usd
  • Name check
  • Incorporation plus taxes
  • Memorandum
  • Notary Act
  • Registered office for the first year
  • Founder act
  • Testament by notary

Panama Private Interest Foundations

Private Interest Foundations were originally created in Liechtenstein, as a new legal entity that brings together the benefits of the Trusts, for asset management; with the practicality of the Corporations, for its legal existence and structure.

The Private Interest Foundations (P.I.F.) were created in Panama by Law 25 of June 12th 1995, and since then, they have become a great legal instrument both for holding and protecting assets.

Panama Private Interest Foundations cannot engage in commercial businesses, although it may own investments such as real estate, company’s stocks, or bank accounts.

Our law firm has long experience forming Private Interest Foundations for our clients, either to hold real estate, company’s shares, brokerage accounts or bank accounts in Panama, as well as in other countries.


  • By Law, the Private Interest Foundation’s assets are not subject of being sequestered by acts of its founder, board members or beneficiaries
  • Great for Family Assets’ structures
  • It is a combination of a foreign trust and a foreign company
  • Differently from a Corporation, the Private Interest Foundation has no owner, but a founder (the granter) and the beneficiary (the grantee)

Opening a company in a foreign country is not so difficult as it seems to be at the first sight because the foreign investors can count on our local specialists in company formation. The company incorporation is only together with the immigration package

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