Czech Republic Company

Czech Republic Company Incorporation

The cost of incorporating an Sro company in the Czech Republic, with standard share capital and standard Memorandum and Articles of Association is Usd.1860. The company formation procedure normally takes 7 days.

Your company will be incorporated using your chosen name and we will ensure that the procedure is as simple as possible.

The whole incorporation process can be completed online and we will administer the preparation and filing of all registration forms on your behalf.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have without any obligation.

Czech Republic Company Incorporation

How to start an Czech limited company


Incorporation or formation of a company in the Czech Republic

Company Incorporation Czech Republic   formation of a company in the Czech Republic   A company in the Czech Republic is easy and fast compared to its neighbours like Germany.
Limited Partnership - Spolecnost s ručením omezeným

Features of a Czech Limited Company

This type of society can not go public.

  • The rights and obligations of such company and its participants are regulated by the Commercial Code.
  • Benefits include extreme confidentiality for beneficial owners.
  • You must file an annual accounting.

Company Incorporation  Czech Republic   formation of a company in the Czech Republic

Shares of a Company are not represented by certificates. The shares of a limited company to be transferred under the terms and conditions of the Commercial Code and the contract of the founders of the company.

The minimum capital required to establish a Limited Company in the Czech Republic is 200,000.

The Shareholders     Company Incorporation Czech Republic

A shareholder of a limited company is jointly and severally liable with the other shareholders of limited liability to the amount of the unpaid assessed contributions of all shareholders as described in the Commercial Register. However, if the contributions of all shareholders of limited liability has been fully paid, shareholders are no longer responsible for the debts of the company.

Single Person Companies     Czech Republic Company Incorporation

A company can be set by one person. In addition, a limited company formed by a single shareholder can not be the sole shareholder of another limited company. Moreover, an individual can only be sole shareholder of a maximum of three limited partnerships.

  • To register each class of business in the Commercial Register  
  • Obtain a business license

We must maintain a security deposit to cover losses. A Limited Company has to contribute 5% of its net profit annually in the deposit (10% in the first year of benefits but not more than 5% of registered capital).

VAT in Europe

Rules about VAT in Europe. General guidelines

There are three important rules:

  • For the import and sale of products, if there is a certain amount of turnover in any one European country, you may be required to register for VAT in that country.
  • For the sale of services, VAT is charged in the country for which a service is provided. For example: In the case of property-related services, you need to look at the VAT rules in the place where the property is located. In the case of professional services, depends on where the professionals are providing the service in question.
  • For distance sales, for example sales by internet, you need to register in any European country where turnover exceeds a certain amount, agreed by law initially.

Is it necessary to declare?   Company Incorporation Czech Republic   

The company that offer the services has some flexibility to decide whether to declare or not. If you have benefits in excess of the limits within which it must be stated, technically may be required to collect VAT on manufactured goods with retroactive effect.

Is it necessary to state whether the company you use has been established outside the EU?

Usually you need to register the foreign company somewhere in Europe if you want to do significant business in Europe. It is inevitable if:

  • It has significant sales in a country
  • It has employees in any country

What are the fees for incorporating a company?

With each company formation we offer:

  • Check availability and get clearance to use the name required
  • Preparing all the forms needed for the Registry and for the Notary
  • Standard government taxes
  • The incorporation certificate
  • The Deed of Incorporation for the company; which could be Memorandums and Articles
  • Share Certificates
  • A file with all the documents which come with the incorporation

In general, you are advised to ask for a detailed quote for your personal circumstance. Feel free contact Us