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Investment in a Dominican passport will bring visa-free access to 153 countries and territories worldwide. This represents 58.3% of the world’s wealth measured by GDP and 72.4% of worldwide travel popularity based on international visitors. The 153 total destinations include 132 countries and 21 overseas territories. That’s 67.4% of total worldwide destinations. But this is a simple measure as it counts all destinations equally. GDP and Travel Popularity measures take account of the “quality” of those destinations. That way not all countries are counted equally and you receive an intelligent assessment of just what your investment brings in terms of visa-free access.


When deciding on a citizenship by investment programme, the combination or fit of a second passport with your existing passport is often overlooked. Your own passport will already have its own visa-free travel list. Anything you add with a second passport should complement those destinations. “Doubling up” with the same visa-free destinations offers no real benefit. The La Vida Passport Investment Report will analyse for you your personal combination and what fits best. Not just for the number of destinations but for what suits your travel profile needs and your existing passport. Is it GDP perhaps because you undertake a lot of business travel or Travel Popularity for leisure and vacations? 


The Commonwealth nation of Dominica is located in the Caribbean. Dominica’s citizenship by investment programme offers one of the most cost-effective options for single applicants. Following a minimum government donation of $100,000 + fees, investors can gain citizenship and become Dominican passport holders. A real estate investment option is also available. Dominica most recently signed a visa-waiver agreement with China giving Dominican Passport holders access to four of the worlds largest economies, alongside Germany, UK and France.

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Dominica Immigration Services


The Dominican Constitution sets out the conditions under which citizenship may be obtained or granted. Citizenship provided for by section 101 of the Constitution could only be granted under the Naturalization and Citizenship Act which stipulated that persons who had been continuously resident in Dominica for five (5) years could apply for naturalization and may be eligible for citizenship on payment of prescribed fees.

In 1993 the concept of Economic Citizenship was introduced whereby the residency requirement was waived. This amendment to the Citizenship Act meant that for a stipulated investment, persons could apply for Dominica citizenship.

Government views the economic citizenship programme as one component of its national development and as such intends to channel capital from the economic citizenship programme towards public and private sector projects where a need is identified. Public sector projects identified for financing under the programme include building of schools, renovation of the hospital, building of a national Sports stadium and towards the promotion of the Offshore Sector. With respect to private sector projects, government emphasis is on the tourism, information technology and agricultural sectors and therefore public sector projects to be financed under the programme will fall within one of these sectors.

Investment Options for obtaining the citizenship of Dominica:1. Contribution to the Government Fund Package A: Single Applicant non-refundable investment of US$100,000.00Package B: Family Application One (Applicant and spouse)

A non-refundable investment of US$175,000.00

Package C: Family Application Two (Applicant plus spouse and two children below the age of 18)

A non-refundable investment of US$200,000.00

Package D: Family Application Three (Applicant plus spouse and more than two children below the age of 18)

A non-refundable investment of US$200,000.00 and US$50,000.00 for every additional person below the age of 18

2. Real Estate Investment

Applicants can also obtain the citizenship of Dominica, if they invest USD 200,000 into a Government approved real estate project. Applicants need to hold the property for only 3 years.


Investors must be over 21 years of age.
Applicants for Economic Citizenship must be of outstanding character.
Application must be on the prescribed form and all necessary supporting documentation must be provided. Please be advised that all photocopied documents must be certified as a true copy by a notary public. Fax copies will not be accepted. Also all documents submitted must be in English. Documents which have been issued in a foreign language must be translated by an official translator who should not be the agent/promoter of the investor.
Included in the package also must be a letter of application for economic citizenship addressed to the Minister responsible for Citizenship stating the reason(s) for applying for economic citizenship.

Applicants must have a basic knowledge of the English language.

Each investor/applicant under the programme shall deposit the amount of their investment. This amount shall not be withdrawn from the account unless the application is withdrawn, rejected or approved. In either of the first two cases the applicant will be refunded. However, if the application is rejected because of false information or declarations, forged or fraudulent documents submitted by the applicant then the investment will be forfeited to the Commonwealth of Dominica and shall not be refunded.

If the application is refused, all sums (net of bank charges and exchange rate differential) paid into the designated account shall be refunded to the applicant within one (1) month of the rejection of the application. However, no sums paid as fees to Government on applications for economic citizenship shall be refunded.

Processing of applications for economic citizenship can take at least eight (8) weeks.

All applicants for Economic Citizenship must have a promoter/agent.