Entrance Requirements to Panama

Visas and Immigration / Documents Required

Visas and Immigration / Documents Required
Visas and Immigration / Documents Required

Valid passport. All tourists must carry their valid passport, at least 3 months before their expiration date.
• Return ticket and documents to enter another destination country
• Economic solvency.
• Visa.
• Tourist Visa: It can be obtained from Panamanian consulates abroad.

1. The Public Institution or the International Organization that organizes the event must send a note addressed to the Chancellor of the Republic requesting their collaboration and that of the Consulates for the visa process of the participants. It must specify the collaboration that is required exactly. This note must be accompanied by a copy of the Agreement between the government of Panama and the International Organization or the corresponding Institution regarding the meeting or event.
2. Once the approval of the Lord Chancellor has been obtained, the Consular Department will notify the Panamanian Consulates, by note, of the activity and procedure to be followed, and will hold meetings with the Directorate of the National Immigration Service and the National Security Council. about. It is important to note that one of the requirements of the Security Council is to have the list of participants to expedite the requests. So it would be opportune, if possible, to have said list from the first moment.
3. The Organization or Public Institution will receive the Panamanian Consular Guide and this document that explains the procedures for requesting visas from participants and guests.
4. The requirements for obtaining a visa in these cases are:
Valid passport for 90 days.
Photocopy of the Passport on your general data page and photo.
Fill out a special visa application form.
Note of the Institution that will represent in the activity to be carried out in Panama, certifying its participation.
6. The procedure to be followed in case there is no Panamanian Consulate in the place of residence of the guest or participant, is the following:

If the passport is ordinary, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will forward the documents to the Directorate of the National Immigration Service for approval.

The Directorate of the National Migration Service will issue a note addressed to the Organization, of the event with the authorization of the visa.

The organizing institution must send an official note to the guest / interested in the corresponding language, informing him of this communication and attaching the note of visa authorization issued by Migration or Chancery depending on the case. Organization or Institution there must be a contact, whose data are required (name, e-mail, telephone) and that must have the following functions:

This person will be sent from the Directorate of Migration and from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the approvals of visas These guests or participants.

If the guests or participants process the visas in the Panamanian Consulates, they will process according to the instructions of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It is important to point out that the guests or participants to the event will be able to communicate with the Panamanian Consulates or, failing that, the contact person of the Organism responsible for the event so that the coordination is carried out in the most orderly and efficient manner.

The contact will be the person acting on behalf of the organization for any communication between the Consular Department of the Chancery or the Directorate of Migration and the Organization or Institution.
It will be the person who will send to the Consular Department of the Panamanian Chancellery the visa applications of the guests or participants who reside in countries where there is no Panamanian Consulate.

The guest / interested party must present the notes of the Organizing and Migration Institution or Chancellery at the Departure Airport (counter of the airline) to be allowed to board the plane. Upon arrival in Panama, you must present the same notes before the Airport Migration.
If the passports are Diplomatic, Consular, Official, Special or Service, the Foreign Ministry will process the authorization of the request and send a note addressed to the Organization of the event with the authorization of the visa stating that it will be stamped in the passport of the interested in his arrival in Panama.
The organizing institution of the event will request the guests who are in these circumstances, to send them, via e-mail (scanned) the necessary documents for the visa application.

These documents will be sent to the Panamanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Department) with an official note from the organization for its corresponding procedure.