Germany Investor Immigration Program

Germany Investor Immigration Program

Germany Investor Immigration Program

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Germany offers immediate residency to to foreign investors who commit to do a minimum business investment of EUR 250,000 or more in Germany and create local jobs.

  • Biggest economy in Europe
  • German passport rated as No. 1 powerful  in the world
  • No minimum residency requirements
  • Visa Free movement in Europe.
  • Business Trade Hub of Europe.
  • Immigrate to Europe with family

Business investors and self-employed persons can obtain a residence permit through § 21 AufenthG by acquiring or founding a German company.

Foreign investors after making the business investment of EUR 250,000 or more qualify for long term ‘D’ visa and residence permit (temporary residence) in Germany.  The duration of residence permit is usually two or three years which can can be prolonged.

It is possible to apply for permanent settlement permit in Germany after three years of living. There are no requirements to live permanently in Germany but required to visit atleast once a year.

German passport is ranked as one of the most powerful passports in the world with visa free travel to 176 countries in the world (henley index)

To obtain the German citizenship foreigners must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Right of residence at the time of the German citizenship application;
  •  Living in Germany permanently and lawfully for eight years (seven if the applicant attended an integration course or six in special integration circumstances);
  •  Able to support themselves and dependent family members without the help of welfare or unemployment benefits;
  •  Adequate oral and written German language skills (equivalent to level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages);
  •  No criminal convictions;
  • Committed to the constitutional principles of freedom and democracy

Immigration Service Germany


Residence and work permits for Germany – from the application to the collection of the residence card.

Whether an EU Blue Card for executives or a work permit for a trainee from a third country is needed –  You need our lawyer by your side.

  • Application of Federal Employment Agency approval
  • Residential registration
  • Residence Permit Application
  • Pick up service of electronic residence permit card (eAT) 
  • Application for approval by the Federal Employment Agency
  • Compiling the necessary documents
  • Assisted application formulation
  • Application at the Federal Employment Agency
  • Posting the letter of approval for the visa application
  • Registration with communal registration office
  • Completion of the application form
  • Registration with the registration office (one errand)
  • Assistance with the application for a residence permit
  • Support at the completion of application forms
  • Compiling the necessary documents
  • Meeting the applicant for accompanied residence permit application with the responsible immigration office
  • Application for the electronic residence permit (eAT)
  • Up-front payment of fees (will be charged separately)Pick-up service Electronic Residence Title (eAT)
  • Making an appointment with the immigration office
  • Collection of the good-for-the-day power of attorney at the immigration office
  • Passport pickup from the employee and obtainment of signature
  • Power of attorney
  • Ensuring appointment compliance with authorities
  • Up-front payment of fees (will be charged separately)
  • Handing over of passport and residence permit
immigration visas

Immigration and Visas for migrants into Europe. We can assist you obtain a visa to live and work in Europe. We can assist business professionals and skilled workers with Work Permits, Residence Visas, Schengen Visas, and European Relocation Services The process of obtaining a temporary residence permit takes about 2 months. Including company registration and preparation of additional documents. You can also bring your family members. They can apply for temporary residence permits at the same time as you. They will be issued temporary residence permits for the same period as your temporary residence permit. For the first temporary residence permit, you must apply in the territory of the EU Member States. In this case, our lawyers will make a package of documents and send it by registered mail to your home address. Documents will need to be signed and delivered personally to the nearest  Embassy. To use immigration program, you will need to send the following legalized documents (at Foreign Affairs Ministry or Apostille)

The fastest path to permanent residency in Panama is the Friendly Nations Visa. If you are a citizen of any of the 50 countries that Panama considers “Friends of Panama”, you and your direct relatives can apply for immediate permanent residency. Direct relatives include a spouse and children up to 18 years of age or 25 if they are full time students.

The 50 Friendly Nations

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