Global Immigration 247 Services

Global Immigration 247 Services offers a dedicated team
of specialists committed to delivering exceptional service
and advice to local and international clients on all aspects of
temporary and permanent residency visas and work permits.
As market leaders, we navigate and keep up with the evolving
immigration laws and policies in an ever changing world.
We offer global reach and deep capabilities focused on quality
assurance and risk management to ensure that you meet your
temporary and permanent migration needs while helping you
to ensure compliance with increasingly restrictive and onerous
regulatory requirements.
With our exceptional technical skills, business acumen, and
commitment to strong client relationships and understanding
our clients’ needs and business, we work with you to achieve
your objectives.

We offer:
Proximity. Strong client relationships as your strategic
partners, working with you to meet your needs.
Experts in every area. We offer ongoing advisory services
to national and international businesses in all aspects of
immigration, visa related matters and citizenship laws.
Reach. Our local experts and global teams offer industry
and legislative knowledge at a national and global level.
A proven model.