This Visa is required by Immigration to EVERY foreigner that has a file in process. This means that if you have applied to a Residency or Visa in Immigration and it is in process and you want to travel from Panama, you should request the Multiple Visa     


The Government of the Republic of Panama provides Residency Visas for foreigners so they can establish residency and permanently reside within the territory of the Republic of Panama.

An “Immigrant” is a foreigner or tourist that has applied for a Panama resident Visa.

A “Resident” is a foreigner or tourist that has completed a Panama resident Visa application program and has obtained a Panama Permanent Resident Card.

Article 264 of the Executive Decree No. 320 of August 8, 2008 abolished the requirement for foreigners who are residents of Panama to obtain a Panama Multiple Entry/Exit Permit in their passports.  This applies to:

1. Those persons who currently have a Panamanian cedula;
2. Those persons who have a Provisional Panama Resident Permit for one year;
3. Those persons who have a Panama Temporary Visa for one or two years and;
4. Those persons who have a carnet (card) as pensioned retirees (“jubilados pensionados”).

When entering Panama at the international airport, the immigration authorities will honor the cedula (national identification card) or respective carnet (resident card)