New requirements for the renewal permits

New requirements for the renewal permits

New requirements for the renewal of the provisional permit and permanent residence applicable to immigration regularization processes



The Ministry of Public Security through Executive Decree No. 235 of September 15, 2021 (hereinafter the "Decree") establishes the requirements for the renewal of the provisional permit and to opt for permanent residence applicable to foreigners who have obtained their provisional permits of Extraordinary and General Migratory Regularization, namely:

  • Permanent residence permit.
    Any foreigner who has obtained a provisional residence permit through the Extraordinary or General Migratory Regularization Processes, whether 6 or 10 years old, may opt for the permanent residence permit.
  • Renewal of provisional residence permit.
    Those foreigners benefiting from a provisional permit of 2 years may opt for an extension of 6 years, and once this period has elapsed, they may opt for permanent residence.
  • Requirements for provisional residence and permanent residence.  Any foreigner who opts for the renewal of the provisional permit or permanent residence must meet the following requirements.
    • Present the requirements established in article 28 of Decree Law 3 of 2008.
    • If the applicant has 2 years or more without leaving Panama, the Panamanian Police Record must be provided.
    • 2 passport size photos.
    • Complete the Online Regularization Process form.
    • Proof of address of the applicant.
    • The request must be processed through a court representative.
    • In case the applicant is under 18 years of age, he must have the notarized authorization of both parents and the father who has custody, verifying the relationship of kinship.
  • Additional requirements applicable to permanent residence.

Any foreigner who wishes to opt for permanent residence, in addition to the requirements, must provide documentation proving the condition under which he will obtain his permanent residence, which may be as follows:

    • For reasons of rootedness.

The applicant must meet the requirements established for the immigration categories of (i) married to Panamanian or (ii) dependent on permanent residents.

Foreigners who opt for reasons of rootedness, under the condition of married to Panamanian, will be exempt from the payment of the repatriation deposit.

    • For work reasons.

For those foreigners who have a valid Crisol de Razas Work Permit, for which they must provide: (i) a copy of the work permit card, (ii) a copy of the resolution that grants the current Crisol de Razas work permit and (iii) certification from the Social Security Fund that accredits their affiliation as an insured.

In case of not having a work permit in force on the date of submission of the application for the permanent residence permit, the foreigner must provide it before issuing the resolution granting it.

    • For tax reasons.

For those foreigners who are registered in the General Directorate of Revenue as a tax taxpayer, for which they must provide: (i) notice of operation, when applicable, (ii) the last 2 sworn declarations of income tax and (iii) peace and except for income tax.

  • New amounts to be paid by the applicant. 

The amounts to be paid by the applicant applying to the renewal of provisional residence or permanent residence are established, which will be:

    • Cost of procedures for immigration services: (i) B/.250.00 for the extension of 6 years and (ii) B/.750.00 for permanent residence.
    • Payment to the National Treasury: B/.250.00 (this payment is only made once, either in the renewal of provisional residence or in permanent residence).
    • Repatriation Deposit: B/.800.00 (this payment is only made once, either in the renewal of provisional residence or in permanent residence).
    • Provisional or permanent residence card: B/.50.00; and processing card: B/.50.00
  • Multiple entry and exit visa and processing card.
    By proven necessity, the National Migration Service (SNM) may issue the multiple entry and exit visa to any foreigner who requires it during the processing of their provisional or permanent residence permit. The SNM will issue a processing card for the duration of the immigration process of provisional or permanent residence.
  • Transitional measures.  All those foreigners who have started their process to opt for an extension or permanent residence will have 2 months to continue and finalize their process initiated in accordance with the legal provisions in force on the date of start of their process. Those who are going to start the procedures to opt for a provisional permit, who have an appointment duly approved by the SNM or who are pending to present or complete the documentation required to formalize their application, must complete these procedures by December 31, 2021.


  • This Decree establishes new requirements to apply for permanent residence, whether for reasons of rootedness, labor or tax. Previously, the requirements to apply for renewal of temporary residence and permanent residence were very similar.
  • This Decree modifies the cost paid for immigration services and adds the payment to the National Treasury, the repatriation deposit, the processing card and the residence card.
  • Previously, the applicant did not obtain a processing card while their application was in process. However, now with this Decree you will be granted a processing card at the time of submitting your application to the SNM.
  • This Decree came into force on September 22, 2021.