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This Visa is required by Immigration to EVERY foreigner that has a file in process. This means that if you have applied to a Residency or Visa in Immigration and it is in process and you want to travel from Panama, you should request the Multiple Visa     

The Government of the Republic of Panama provides Residency Visas for foreigners so they can establish residency and permanently reside within the territory of the Republic of Panama.

An “Immigrant” is a foreigner or tourist that has applied for a Panama resident Visa.

A “Resident” is a foreigner or tourist that has completed a Panama resident Visa application program and has obtained a Panama Permanent Resident Card.

Article 264 of the Executive Decree No. 320 of August 8, 2008 abolished the requirement for foreigners who are residents of Panama to obtain a Panama Multiple Entry/Exit Permit in their passports.  This applies to:

1. Those persons who currently have a Panamanian cedula;
2. Those persons who have a Provisional Panama Resident Permit for one year;
3. Those persons who have a Panama Temporary Visa for one or two years and;
4. Those persons who have a carnet (card) as pensioned retirees (“jubilados pensionados”).

When entering Panama at the international airport, the immigration authorities will honor the cedula (national identification card) or respective carnet (resident card)

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Panama Residency al steps how to start with the process



Required Documents to Apply for Panama Immigration Permanent Residency Panama immigration laws require the following documents for permanent residency:
File a Formal Application to be a permanent resident along with a notarized Special Power of Attorney so our law firm is authorized to act on your behalf.
1. Submit a notarized copy of the entire passport.
Provide a Criminal History Background Report from your home country or the country where you have resided in for the past two years. This report must be prepared by a “national”, “central”, or “federal” police force on criminal investigator agency. (a) If the criminal background report is not coming from the applicant’s country of citizenship, but as a resident, his or her legal residency must be proven with a copy of the legal residency identification which must be Apostilled or authenticated. (b) If the applicant has been a Panama resident for the past two years consecutively (not left the country) the Panama national police must provide the criminal background report.

Residence only grants you with the right to reside (live) in the country legally; in other words, you can stay legally in the country for as long as your residence status allows it. Working is another right yet to be granted, by applying for a work permit. There are specific residences that will make you eligible to apply for a work permit, and if so you are intending, then it is important to consider those types of residence options in the first place.
 Multiple Entry Visa is required by any foreigner that has a residence application pending of approval, and intends to travel abroad during that time frame. A temporary resident that leaves the country without having that visa, will be fined for USD $2,000.00. We usually include the Multiple Entry Visa in our clients application, by default.
Upon approval, you can stay in the country for as long as you decide. If you leave, it is important to visit back the country at least once every two years, so that your residence might not be subject of revocation.
Criminal Record is good up to 3 months, unless the document itself specifically states differently – the catch though is that once issued, if you visit the country and leave without applying, it also gets voided. Health Certificate issued in Panama is good for ninety days. Bank reference letter is good for thirty days. Marriage and Birth certificates are valid for 6 months. Other documents, such as retirement letters are good for one year.
How long do I need to stay in the country to apply for residence, if I live abroad?

usually at least five (5) business days are required, but eight (8) to ten (10) days are recommended:

  • one day to get the current passport notarized;
  • one day to do the registration at Immigration;
  • one day to apply for the residence, and for the multiple entry visa;
  • two more days to be granted the multiple entry visa;
Do nationals of restricted countries need a Visa, and how long is it good for?
 Nationals of restricted countries, require to apply for a special Visa in order to visit the country, called VTR. Nonetheless, if the applicant has a Visa to the USA or England, and has used it before, he can visit the country for up to 30 days, without a VTR. Some of the countries considered restricted are: India, China, Pakistan, Iraq and Bangladesh.
Do you assist me to obtain a driver's license?
Residence is required in order to apply for a local driver’s license. That is a simple process, for which I can give instructions on the process, but I choose not to personally assist on it, as it is NOT a procedure whereas an attorney is required.
Can I drive with my foreign license?
Foreigners are allowed to drive with their foreign license, up to 90 days only, nonetheless, once they apply for residence, they are not longer allowed to drive with it, as they will be requested to obtain a driver’s license from Panama.
 How long do I have to request an extension for my temporary residence?
 According to Resolution 15703 from August 24, 2012, you have 6 months.
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