Panama wood export -Panamá bets on the export of wood in 2017

Panama wood export -Panamá bets on the export of wood in 2017

Panama wood export -Panama bets on the export of wood in 2017 The members of Reforestadores and Related of Panama estimate that this year they will send to India and Vietnam 5 thousand containers of cultivated wood

This year, the National Association of Reforesters and Allied Products of Panama (Anarap) estimates that it will export to markets like India and Vietnam about 5,000 containers with wood, especially teak, which will generate economic income in the order of $ 20 million The projection of the Anarap was made known on a tour by Luis Márquez and Darío Gordón, Secretary General and Director of Plant Protection of the Ministry of Agricultural Development (MIDA), respectively, in the wooden container yard, located in the Union sector Of Azuero in Chepo, East Panama. According to Anarap, the activity is still growing, so they dared to estimate that if demand for the teak tree (Tectona grandis) is maintained, in the next five years some 11,000 containers will be shipped per year, generating in Up to $ 50 million.

Only last year, Anarap exported eight hundred containers with wood. Panama wood export

The course, which was used to evaluate the inspection and fumigation work carried out in the wooden container yard by MIDA and the International Regional Animal Health Organization (OIRSA), also served to evaluate the applications of the countries importing these woods. MIDA's National Plant Protection Department is responsible for inspecting and authorizing the fumigation of each container with wood to be exported. Subsequently, the authorized official issues the Phytosanitary Certificate of the product, and therefore, the fulfillment of the requirements of the importing country. The Anarap is made up of about forty members.

MARKET As of this year India, where 95% of the wood is exported, requested that fumigation with methyl bromide (gas used in quarantine treatments) be carried out on all the containers that are going to enter that market, so they had to Implement this unique yard of fumigation to avoid the mobilization and to be able to fulfill in one day all the requests that are coming out that are between 40 to 50 containers. Panama wood export

Anarap president Robert Kroesen told representatives of MIDA that as a guild they need to move containers every day, so they recognized the support of MIDA, which maintains a rapid inspection process, where the container is fumigated and released After 24 hours, to the port of embarkation.

Currently, this activity, in addition to generating foreign currency, supports the labor force with some 1,200 direct jobs in each company and another 500 indirect jobs, which is a good economic impact for Darién and the eastern area of ​​the province of Panama.
OFFER Panama wood export
Panama ranks second in export in Central America, first is Costa Rica.
Panama is expected to be the main exporter in the coming years and more than half of the phytosanitary certificates of export are to endorse the exports of wood to be given.
Luis Márquez, as general secretary of MIDA, said that "support will continue with this union to facilitate the procedures with the staff and resources necessary for the activity to continue this momentum, because it represents great social and economic benefits to The country in general '.
Meanwhile, Salvador Zúñiga, manager of Teca GKM Operations in Panama, an associate of Anarap, said that it is a formal and well-developed activity in the region that they cut plantation trees that were sown under the Ministry of Environment, complying with all the laws of Panama, that this is a sustainable crop in the country that when a plantation is extracted, is planted again to maintain a cycle; In addition, no protection zones are invaded and there is no improper use of non-registered agrochemicals in Panama and some have international certifications that oblige them to comply with sustainable social, environmental and economic processes in the region.
In the course also participated the regional director of MIDA in East Panama, César Tejedor; The head of Certification of Exports of Plant Protection, Rubén Serracín; The manager of Geo Forestal, Jacobo Melamed; And the manager of Apical Reforestadora, S.A., Hannu Hietavirta, among others.
ASPECTS OF THE TEAK Panama wood export
The teak wood is of whitish sapwood and yellowish or bronchial heartwood
-The teak (Tectona grandis) is a leafy tree of the Lamiaceae family that reaches up to 30 meters in height. It has the ability not to be damaged when it comes in contact with metals, which makes it very valuable for the manufacture of high value furniture and luxurious boats.
-The teak is native to India, Burma, Laos and Thailand. It has a long history of systematic ordering.
Teak is also grown in Africa and Central and South America. The value of this wood has become evident that the exploitation of natural forests can no longer meet the demand for teak, and the foreseeable shortfall of this material has fueled interest in teak plantations.

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