Panamanian Citizenship Requirements

Panamanian Citizenship Requirements

Panamanian Citizenship Requirements

Panamanian citizenship (Naturalization) is granted to permanent residents who have fulfilled the minimum residence requirement (3 to 5 years) from the moment the Panama Immigration Office issues the resolution to certify permanent residence.

This is the first requirement to start the naturalization process, according to Article 10 of the Panamanian Constitution.

It is important to clarify that immigrants holding a temporary or provisional residence status, or immigrants with the crisol de razas program, are not eligible to apply for citizenship.

Furthermore, Panamanian permanent residence does not guarantee a path to obtain Panamanian citizenship. If you intend to eventually become a citizen (e.g. hold dual citizenship) and obtain a Panamanian passport, you must verify that the visa granting your permanent residence gives you also the right to apply for citizenship.

An eligible permanent resident of Panama has three alternatives to become naturalized:

  • To have lived for five (5) years as a PERMANENT RESIDENT
  • To have lived for three years (3) as a PERMANENT RESIDENT, married to a NATIONAL or with PANAMANIAN CHILDREN
  • To have been born in a Latin American country or Spain, and to have fulfilled the same requirements that Panamanians would have to meet to become naturalized in their country of origin. This is known as Reciprocity, and allows for a shorter permanent residence time frame required of citizens from these countries:
    • 1 year: Colombia, El Salvador
    • 2 years: Argentina, Ecuador, Spain, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru
    • 3 years: Uruguay

Process Time Frame

Panamanian Citizenship Requirements

While the process to obtain Panamanian residence usually involves the Immigration Office only, the process to obtain citizenship involves many other entities such as the Ministry of Government and Justice, the Ministry of Public Services, the Electoral Tribunal, the Government Office, and the Presidency.

All these entities will review the application, and any of them may require additional paperwork, may delay the process for internal reasons, or may actually deny the application. Besides, it is the Panamanian president who ultimately approves and signs all applications.

For that reason, the process to obtain citizenship very rarely takes less than 1 year, and it could take anywhere from 2 to 5 years to be approved.

Application Requirements

Panamanian Citizenship Requirements

The application for Panamanian Citizenship requires:

  • Police records issued by Panama and the applicant’s country of origin
  • Certification of immigration status
  • Authenticated copy of permanent resident ID card
  • Authenticated copy of the permanent resident resolution
  • Authenticated copy of the e-cedula
  • Proof of economic solvency
  • Income statement from DGI
  • Copy of passport, authenticated by the consul of the country of origin
  • Certificate of good health

Additional requirements: After submission, the Electoral Tribunal will schedule an appointment with the applicant at a later time to test his command of Spanish and his knowledge of Panama’s history, geography, and civil rights. You can review the official study guide for the citizenship


Panamanian Citizenship Requirements

Once the Presidency issues the letter of naturalization to the Governor for swearing, the applicant shall manifest he/she will abide by the Constitution of the Republic of Panama and thus, resigns to all civil and political links with his/her country of origin.

Nevertheless, the judicial system is many countries such as the United States regards this swearing as not significant. For instance, Americans will not renounce their citizenship unless they make such request before the U.S. Department of State.

Planning of Alternative Citizenship and Residency for high net worth individuals

Panamanian Citizenship Requirements

Several countries in the world today offer attractive residency programs to high-net worth individuals and investors who promote economic growth while also enhancing their own investment.

Investors, business professionals and entrepreneurs who have experience in business and can show a credible background of employment are eligible to gain residency through investing a certain amount into the economy of their chosen country.

We can help document your assets, handle communications, advice on investment instruments and ensure all governmental rule are being met.

Panama Residency, All the required documents sign, for a,
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with Panama immigration

We always must start to register your and your spouse
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Provide us with all the Panama migration application
fee and repatriation deposit (if required).
Migration office Panama will issue a Temporary Permit (Visa) and a Multiple Entry-Exit Visa.
Immigration will issue a 1 year Temporary Permit (Visa) this is the start.
Naturalization can be asked after 5 years permanent residence
Note: The applicant does not have to reside
in Panama during this time period.
However, a trip to Panama will be necessary in order to process
the Temporary Resident Permit.
We recommend that you visit Panama for an initial 3 weeks
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Panamanian entry requirements can be difficult to pin down. Government officials may say something different from the government website, and some rules seem to be in constant flux. That said, the website for Panama’s immigration and naturalization office

Panama immigration office usually has the most up-to-date information. Before you travel to Panama, check it for visa and other entry requirements.