Permanent Residence as a Foreign Professional in Panama

Permanent Residence as a Foreign Professional in Panama

For this residency, any professional foreigner with a degree of Higher University Technician, Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate whose career is not within the professions reserved for Panamanian nationals may apply. This visa gives the right to obtain a work permit even if you do not have a job offer from a company. Through this visa you can initially obtain a provisional residence for two (2) years and then extend your residence indefinitely applying to the PERMANENCE. This visa can be applied by the foreigner and with him, his dependents (wife( or), children (under 25 years old), parents, stepchildren and in-laws). A foreigner of any nationality applies for this visa .

The requirements that must be brought from their country to apply for this visa are:

1.- Professional title (apostilled or legalized before the Panamanian consulate)

2.- Criminal record addressed to the National Migration Service of Panama. This document is valid for (03) months after it is issued. (apostilled or legalized before the Consulate of Panama in your country of origin)

3.- Photocopy of the entire passport. The passport must be at least six (6) months old at the time of submitting the visa application.

4.- If you have dependents: birth and marriage certificates that prove filiation. (apostilled or legalized at the Consulate of Panama in your country of origin)

5.- The remaining requirements (Health Certificate, Checks in the name of migration, letter of responsibility or any other, will be processed here in Panama with the help of your lawyer)

It is necessary that you stay in Panama, at least 7 business days to process this visa, at the end of this period, you will obtain your Resident card and you can return to your country if applicable.

This visa entitles the main applicant to a work permit, but not to his dependents.


STEP 1: Once the documents have been submitted to the National Migration Service, the next day the provisional residence card valid for one (01) year is issued.

STEP 2: After three (3) months or less, the National Migration Service approves residence for two years and delivers the residence card that will be valid for two (02) years.

STEP 3: Subsequently, the file for the application for the Work Permit is submitted to the Ministry of Labor. The approval process lasts three (03) months. At the time of the application , a certificate of processing is issued that will serve as a guarantee in your job search.

STEP 4: Upon one year of validity of the Work Permit for one (01) year, its annual renewal must be requested.

STEP 5: At the end of the period of two (02) years, a new file is submitted to apply for Indefinite Residence. (Request for Permanence) By that time the applicant must have nine (9) social security contributions.

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The races reserved for Panamanians are:

Infirmary. Law 1 of 1954
Barbershop and cosmetology. Law 4 of 1956
Dentistry. Law 22 of 1956
Architecture. Law 15 of 1959
Agricultural sciences. Law 22 of 1961
Pharmacy. Law 24 of 1963
Chiropractors. Decree 8 of 1967
Nutrition. Decree 362 of 1969
Medicine. Decree 196 of 1970
Psychology. Law 56 of 1975
Medical Assistant. Decree 32 of 1975
Accounting. Law 57 of 1978
Journalism. Law 67 of 1978
Laboratorists. Law 74 of 1978
Public relations. Law 37 of 1980
Phonoaudiology, therapists and the like. Law 34 of 1980
Economy. Law 7 of 1981
Social work. Law 17 of 1981
Veterinary medicine. Law 3 of 1983
Physiotherapy. Law 47 of 1984
Medical Radiology. Law 42 of 1980
Right. Law 9 of 1984
Dental Assistant. Law 21 of 1994
Sociology. Law 1 of 1996
Chemistry. Law 45 of 2001
Education in the following mentions: History, Geography and Civic mention. Law 47 of 1946 (The rest of the mentions are allowed).
Engineering: Civil, Chemical and Forestry are not allowed, the rest are.

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