This Permit is regulated by Decree 804 of October 9, 2012, which grants foreigners who have university degrees or careers that are not vetoed by the National Constitutional for Panamanians who live and work in Panama.
What aspects are taken into account to apply as a foreign professional and also live in Panama?
Have a university degree or Master's or Postgraduate degree or its equivalent.
Be free of criminal records.
What careers are eligible ?:


The professions that are eligible for the Professional Foreigners Visa are very broad but we will cite some examples:

Public administration
International Trade
Master's Degree in Senior Management
Master's Degree in International Business
Postgraduate in business, etc.
Note: we put these races as an example but the list is great as long as they are not intended by law for Panamanians.

What are the careers assigned by the National Constitution for Panamanians?

Doctors / doctors
Civil Engineers
Agricultural science
Public relations
Social debtors
Phone Audiologists, therapists, etc.
Specialists in Laboratories (Laboratories)
Civil Engineers
Physician Assistants
Assistant of Dentists
Engineers (All types of engineering)

List of Requirements To obtain Visa For Professional Foreigners:
The main requirements that you must bring from abroad are:

Certificate of Criminal Background, this requirement must be duly Apostilled (See meaning of Apostillar) or Authenticated by Consul of Panama abroad.
Original University Degree
Two Apostilled copies of your University Degree, one copy will be used to process your residency and the other copy for the Work Permit.
Requirements You Can Get during your trip to Panama

Complete copy of the passport of the entire page including the cover, authenticated by a Notary Public of Panama.
Medical certificate of good health.
3 Photos of the size of the one that appears in your Passport or ID type.
Proof of Residence or address (receipt of public services or lease)
Power of Attorney with your respective Application.
Payments to the Government of Panama in the amount of $ 1050.00 These payments are broken down as follows: purchase of certified checks in the National Bank of Panama in the amount of $ 250.00 in favor of the National Treasury.
All degrees must be approved at the University of Panama / University Technology in the section of Vice Presidency of Extension. This procedure is taking 4 months.
Requirements to approve titles

Note addressed to the General Secretary with the generals of the interested party, with the name, nationality, copy of the personal identity document, telephone number and address.

Show the original diploma and two duly authenticated copies in Notary in Panama

Original and two copies of the academic credits

Original and two copies of the passport and the personal identity document of your country.

Two passport size photos

Certificate of the Ministry of Education stating the validity of said University.

Receipt that the sum of 200 USD has been paid in cash.

Purchase of certified check in the amount of $ 800.00 in favor of the National Migration Service.
Document Authentication:
Apostillar: it is an international authentication that gives validity to documents that come from abroad. To be able to apostille your documents, your country must be subscribed to the agreement N ° 12 of October 5, 1961 of the Hague.
In the event that your country is not part of the Hague Convention, you must find a consulate of a friend or neighbor country that has an embassy or Consulate of Panama.
How is the Permanent Resident Permit processed as Professional Foreigners ?:
Once you meet with an Adja lawyer, you will be asked for all the documentation and it will be submitted to the National Immigration Service. A temporary card will be issued for one year until your residence as a professional foreigner is approved for 2 years.
Residence for 2 Years:
The National Immigration Service will issue you a Residence For 2 years, after this time you can process your permanent residence and right to Personal Identity Card.
Advantages of being a Permanent Resident in the Quality of Professional Foreigners:
With this permission you do not have to be conditioned to work for a company, as it happens in the case of other migratory permits, with this permission you have the freedom to choose which company to work with, without being tied to it.
Have a permanent residence and right to a personal identity card in years.

Once you have your Resolution authorizing your permanent residence as a Professional Foreigner, you can obtain your work permit for which you need:

Document accrediting his immigration status issued by the SNM
Four passport-sized photos.
Apostille copy of his university degree duly Apostilled.
Copy of your residence card authenticated by Panamanian Notary
Power of Attorney and your request.
With these simple requirements the Ministry of Labor will issue a work permit.

Work for foreign professionals:

Panama is a growing country, which requires a lot of skilled labor for this reason professional foreigners have the opportunity to work in different companies in Panama, in a growing labor market, as long as they meet the requirements to live in Panama.

If you want more advice do not hesitate to contact us who will gladly assist you.

Welcome to Panama !

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