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With this new program the current administration has the intention in promoting local investment in Panama by granting a convenient permanent resident status to any applicant and dependents.

How is the business environment in Panama?


  • It offers a flexible regulatory framework adapted to each sector of the economy.
  • There is no restriction of inflow or outflow of capital.
  • Territorial fiscal system (only taxes are paid for operations that take effect in the national territory).
  • Dollarized Economy since 1904.
  • Special Economic Areas and investment laws are offered with flexible and competitive fiscal, migratory and labor frameworks throughout the region.
  • 19 Agreements and commercial treaties in force with the world.


Business Macro Investor Visa:

Minimum investment of US $ 160,000.00. If the investor has dependents, the investment will increase by US $ 2,000.00. The company must hire 5 Panamanian employees.

Visa as Panama Pacific investor:

Investments greater than US $ 250,000.00 registered in Panama Pacifico with foreign funds.

Permit for foreign personnel hired by Colon Free Zone:

They apply for senior executives hired or for specialized technicians. The minimum wages to apply for this visa are US $ 2,000.00 per month.

Permission as agrarian investor:

Temporary residence permit is granted with a minimum investment of US $ 60,000.00 in the agricultural, agroindustrial and aquaculture industries. For each dependent, the investment will increase by US $ 500.00. The investment must be approved by the Ministry of Agricultural Development according to national priorities.

Forest investor visa:

A minimum investment of US $ 80,000.00 in at least 20 hectares in a reforestation project certified by the National Government. For each dependent, the amount of the investment must be increased by US $ 2,000.00.

Visa of Zona Franca investor Law 32, 2011:

For investments over US $ 250,000.00 with foreign funds, a promoter duly approved by the Ministry of Commerce and Industries will have a visa of 2 years of temporary residence. After 2 years, permanent residence is granted.

Investor Visa in call centers:

Approved for investments over US $ 250,000.00, with foreign funds for approved call centers.

Investor Visa for the film and audiovisual industry:

Investments greater than US $ 150,000.00 with foreign funds.




Panama is the best connected country in America
Grow your business with the global connectivity of Panama. Because of its unique position in world trade, Panama is a bridge to new business opportunities that benefit from valuable logistics assets by air, sea and land.

Ports in both oceans
Panama is the only country in the world with a terminal with access to 2 oceans, Atlantic and Pacific. Their annual cargo movement of more than 7 million containers per year defines them as the most active ports in Latin America.

The Hub of the Americas
With more than 132,000 direct flights per year to 90 destinations in 35 countries, the Tocumen International Airport is the best connected in Latin America, establishing direct connections to all the major cities and capitals of the continent, reaching Europe and beyond.

Interoceanic railway
It connects the ports of the Atlantic and the Pacific in a distance of only 80 km, speeding up the transport of cargo.

Telecommunications 4.5 Mb / s *
the highest internet download speed in Central America and virtually unlimited bandwidth. * Source: State of broadband in Latin America and the Caribbean 2016 (ECLAC).


Because of its privileged position, it is the most economical and fastest option among the Americas, Asia and Europe, giving your company easy access to markets of 1,300 million consumers.

About 8% of total world trade passes through the Panama Canal and most destinations in the Americas can be reached in 7 days.

The expansion of the canal allows more than double the cargo, opening new opportunities for you to reach the main markets of the Americas and the world.


Leader in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)

Panama receives 45% of the FDI that Central America receives.

* Source: Best Countries Rankings,
Panama is the recipient of a large part of the FDI that enters Latin America. The dynamic economic growth and excellent prospects create an advantageous environment to invest in Panama.



The country receives more than 45% of FDI in Central America and has the largest number of Regional Trade Agreements in the area.


By means of Executive Decree No. 722 of October 15, 2021 the government of the Republic of Panama created the new residency program called “Qualified Investor”.

With this new program the current administration has the intention in promoting local investment in Panama by granting a convenient permanent resident status to any applicant and dependents.

Besides the traditional requirements for any residency program, the main requirement to comply will be to perform the investment in accordance to amounts and standards created, as follow:

  1. Real Estate - The purchase of a real estate for US$ 500K, nevertheless until October 15, 2022 the investment can be only for US$ 300K. The purchase of this asset must have no lien or loans.  The property can be purchase in a personal name or using a corporation/foundation.
  1. Securities - Investing censed securities office for US$ 500K through a licensed securities office for a period of no less than 5 years.
  1. Bank - Setting up a time deposit in any licensed bank in Panama for US$ 750K for 5 years. The deposit must be free of any financial commitment or lien.

Why do international companies invest in Panama?

  • Domestic market with excellent growth potential
  • Business Climate
  • Favorable regulations
  • Solid Financial Sector
  • Service-oriented economy
  • Proximity and connectivity with markets and consumers
  • Infrastructure and logistics
  • Qualified workforce
  • Security





a great reason to invest in Panama
Imagine the potential for success of your business in one of the most dynamic and fastest growing environments in Latin America, with special incentives for foreign investment, such as the legislation of multinational company headquarters (SEM).

In addition, Panama has inflation of only 0.7% *, one of the lowest in the world, investment grade with a stable outlook and its economy is oriented to the services sector. All these unique attributes, added to its privileged geographical position, make Panama an extraordinary core for business.


The Financial Center of Panama stands out among the most competitive in the world

For more than 40 years, Panama has been recognized worldwide for its solid banking center where more than 88 local and international banks are concentrated, facilitating all business operations and extending their reach to all continents.

The banking center offers a wide range of avant-garde services and products with the latest technology to boost your business.

Panama is # 1 in the Americas * for adapting its financial services to the needs of business.

* Source: Global Competitiveness Index Report - World Economic Forum,
The Financial Center of Panama stands out among the most competitive in the world

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