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How to apply for a Panama- Gold visa and how long does it take?

As part of this redesigned program, the current administration intends to promote local investment by granting convenient permanent resident status to anyone applying and their dependents.

Does Panama have a positive business environment?

 Investing visa categories

  • It provides a flexible regulatory framework tailored to the needs of each economic sector.

  • Capital flows are unrestricted.

  • The territorial fiscal system (only taxes are paid for operations carried out on the national territory).

  • It has been a dollarized economy since 1904.

  • The region offers flexible and competitive fiscal, migratory, and labor frameworks for Special Economic Areas and investment laws.

  • 19 Agreements and commercial treaties in force with the world.

Investment Program for Panama Residences

Panama has a developed service economy. Through the government's residence by investment program, global investors can acquire residence status and investment opportunities while contributing to the development of the tropical maritime nation. A high-net-worth individual can participate in this program and become a Panamanian resident in 30 days or four–six months (depending on the investment option selected), with the possibility of gaining citizenship after five years.

The benefits of Panamanian Residency or Naturalization

  • Living, working, and studying in Panama is a right

  • The North American, Central American, and South American markets

  • Residence for spouses, children under 18, children aged 18–25 who are single, students who are full-time students without children, physically or mentally differently abled children, and parents of any age.

  • A strategically located and used waterway, the Panama Canal carries motor vehicles, products, grains, petroleum, and coal on its route.

  • Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela are close by, providing better access to business opportunities

The requirements for the Panama Residency or Naturalization

In order to qualify for residence, applicants must choose one of the following investment routes:

  1. Investor with a qualified background

    It is necessary to have held investments for at least five years in order to maintain permanent residence status. Dependents and the main applicant are subject to additional government fees.

    The following options are available:

    • 300,000 USD investment in real estate

    • Investing USD 500,00

    • Bank deposit of USD 750,000 on a fixed-term basis

  2. Nations with a friendly relationship

    For citizens of one of Panama's friendly nations (for a list of friendly nations, please contact us).

    Choose from one of the following options:

    • USD 200k investment in real estate

    • An employment contract with a company in Panama for reasons of residence and labor

  3. As an investor in the forest industry

    An investment in a company that has a forest registry with the Ministry of the Environment.

    Choose from one of the following options:

    • 100 thousand dollars' worth of real estate investment

    • Reforestation of teak with a USD 100,000 investment. An applicant may apply for permanent residence after two years of temporary residence under this option.

    • Teak reforestation investment of USD 350,000. Immediate permanent residence is granted under this option

The Panama Immigration visa procedure and timeframe

>The application must be completed and accompanied by the appropriate fees and supporting documents, including details about the investment funds and the investor's general information. Depending on the investment option chosen, the following documentation will be required: certificates from the Panama Public Registry, the National Authority of Land Ownership, the Securities House, and a license and/or registration certificate from the Panama Stock Exchange, as well as an authenticated copy of the resolution granting the entity the right to keep the securities invested and a copy of the time deposit certificate.

Upon completion of the initial due diligence checks, the application can be submitted. If the applicant meets the requirements, the application may be approved after further due diligence checks.

Under the Qualified Investor route, the residence application takes 30 days to process, while under the Friendly Nations or Forestry Investor routes, it takes four to six months.

In the Qualified Investor and Forestry Investor routes, permanent residence permits are issued immediately (subject to review by the National Immigration Service), and in the Friendly Nations route, after two years of holding a temporary residence permit.

Residence by investment leads to Panamanian citizenship

Once a client has lived in Panama for five years, they can apply for Panamanian citizenship. Latin American citizens and Spanish citizens can become citizens after one to three years.