Why Immigrate to Panama? Panama is a highly sought after location for many foreign investors seeking residency. It is strategically geographically situated for international business relations particularly with America, and is considered a tax haven by foreign investors due to its bespoke tax regime. Panama boasts a strong and stable economy and solid political infrastructure based largely on the US legal and political infrastructure. It is a safe country, peaceful and welcoming to foreign residents. It offers good levels of health care and education and generally a high standard of living with reasonable living costs.

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Panama Real Estate:

The 2nd option is to invest at least $300,000 into titled Panama real estate. This must be cash equity as the loan amount from a

mortgage will not qualify. An additional $2,000 USD must be invested for each dependent. As opposed to a CD, the titled Panama real estate can be in either the individual’s name or in a Panama Foundation’s name if the applicant is either a beneficiary or the founder. Title in a Panama Trust or Panama Corporation will not qualify. The primary applicant must still provide proof that he or she will be able to economically support him or her and the family.

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Self Economic Solvency Visa Certificate of Deposit (CD

A foreigner needs to invest a minimum of $300,000 USD in a Panama bank CD for a minimum of 3 years. The applicant must invest an additional $2,000 USD for each dependent. The CD must be in the applicant’s personal name. The monthly interest earned from the 3-year CD can be deposited into any Panama bank savings account. The earned interest is not subject to income taxes.

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Combination of Options:

The 3rd option is a combination of the other two options. A minimum total of $300,000 can be invested in Panama real estate

and a Panama bank CD. In addition, $2,000 USD must be invested for every dependent.


Applying for Panama Immigration Permanent Residency

An explanation of the documents required by Panama immigration when applying for permanent residency can be found

In addition to the usual required documents for application to Panama immigration to become a permanent resident, here are the documents required for the Self Economic Solvency Visa:

Required Documents for a Panama Bank CD Option


  1. Certification from a Panama bank that the applicant has a personal CD account with the bank for the minimum $300,000 USD and for the minimum 3-year time period, plus an additional $2,000 USD for every dependent.


  1. Copy of the Panama bank’s CD certificate authenticated by the bank.


Required Documents for the Panama Real Estate Ownership Option


  1. Panama Public Registry Certificate of the titled deed in the applicant’s personal name valued at least $300,000 free and clear of debt.


Note: If the title deed is in the name of a Panama Foundation, the applicant must show that he or she is either the founder or a beneficiary.


Note 2: If the applicant paid at least $300,000 USD in cash for the Panama real estate, the remainder of the balance can be financed with a mortgage loan.


Required Documents for the Combination Option


  1. Certified copy of the title deed registered with the Panama Public Registry;


  1. Authenticated copy of the Panama bank CD certificate;


  1. Panama bank certification that the minimum requirements have been met by the applicant by depositing at least $300,000 USD in a minimum 3-year CD account.



Self Economic Solvency Visa Panama offers international investors the opportunity to obtain residency, citizenship and a Panama passport by making investments. This is called the Panama Self Economic Solvency Visa and it offers three different investment options to qualify for Panama residency.

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2500 Usd Legal Fees Lawyer fees
  • For main applicant: Stage 1.- Fee for legal services to process Immigration of Temporary Resident Visa in Panama: Two thousand American Dollars (US $ 2600) Government taxes and other expenses: National Treasure: Two hundred and fifty United States Dollars (US $ 250) Repatriation Deposit: Eight hundred American Dollars (US $ 800). (These will be reimbursed once the permanent residence is approved.) Other charges: Three hundred and fifty US Dollars (US $ 350) Total Government Amount and Depot of Repatriation: One Thousand Four Hundred US Dollars (US $ 1400)


More than a law firm, to become an essential support to any and all foreigners that wish to take advantage of the legal, economic and fiscal advantages that Panama has to offer; by providing integral legal advice and a business plan to aid in reaching your goals and objectives, always working within the legal frame work and respecting the norms and best practices on a national and international level.

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