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To apply for a tourist visa, the interested party must fill out a form (that will be available shortly in the webpage of the SNM – please inquire with us) and attach the following documents (as described in the Executive Decree No. 320 of August 8, 2008), namely:

  1. File a complete copy of their passport or travel document with a minimum of 3 months’ prior its expiration.
  2. Confirmed booking of the flight with the itinerary or e-ticket.
  3. Copy of a picture I.D or residence permit in their country of domicile.
  4. Three (3) I.D size pictures.
  5. Proof of economic solvency for their stay in Panama, which cannot be less than (US$500.00).
  6. Proof of work that may vary according to the type of activity carried out by the applicant:
    1. For employees of a private company or government entity: Work letter specifying the last salary or certification of an independent worker.
    2. If retired or pensioned: Document that shows the pension or retirement with proof of payment.
    3. If independent: Income statement for the last fiscal year.
    4. If student: A letter from their education institution which specifies, the studies that are being undertaken and their holiday period. If not in holiday period, it must specify the time off granted for their travels.
    5. If it is a person that is economically dependent: Last income statement of the relative that is responsible for their flight and travel expenses during their trip, and a certificate specify their kin and proof of their economic solvency.
  7. Copy of the last permit approved granted by the SNM (if applicable)
  8. Hotel reservation (if applicable)
  9. Affidavit of the person inviting the applicant (if applicable) which can be done by:
    1. Temporary or permanent residents or nationals.
      1. Legalized copy of their cedula.
      2. Copy of the main page of their passport and resident permit (national ID) if the person is a foreigner.
  • Proof of address specified in any utility bill.
  1. Private companies:
    1. Certificate of existence.
    2. Commercial license.
  • Proof of address.
  1. If paragraph No. 9 above is applicable, the persons that are inviting are liable for their “guests”, with exception of public offices, and must accredit their economic solvency through one of the following documents:
    1. Bank letter.
    2. Last income statement demonstrating the company’s good standing.
    3. Work letter with last Social Security payment.
    4. If the company is assuming the expenses they must present an affidavit which states that they are responsible for the expenses of their guest during their stay and their repatriation if necessary.



When the person requesting the visa is a minor, the process must be done through his or her parents or legal guardian, filing their birth certificate and an affidavit in which the applicant grants authorization to the minor to leave the country, specifying the time of the visit and the person that is going to be responsible during the stay of the minor in Panama, as well as how the minor is going to cover his or her expenses during its stay.


The citizens that have a visa for U.S, Canada, the U.K or Australia, and have used it at least once in any of those countries and the document has more than a year of validity, will not need a tourist visa to enter the Republic of Panama.

Important note: They must use any of the above-mentioned visas at least one time for any of the above-mentioned countries that issued said visa. If said visa is in force, and has not been used, they may not enter the Republic of Panama with that visa, and therefore must move forward with an online application for a tourist visa.


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