Friendly Nations Visa

1050 USD - Gov
  • The Friendly Nations Visa is Super Fast

Investment Immigration Panamá 

green investment

Reforestation Visa

1050 USD -Gov
  • •The area can’t be smaller than 5 hectares of timber land

Permanent Residency  Panamá

Panama Company Registration

Business Investor Visa

1050 USD -Gov
  • •A commercial license from Panama

How to Obtain Permanent Residency Visa in Panama

Our lawyers services help you  starting your new life abroad!

Fast programs are friendly nations visa, Investor Visa, Retirement Visa, Special qualification workers Visa ,

Welcome to Panama!



Panama, an attractive destination for global investment

Panama for Investors and Retirement Residency Panama encourages foreign investors and business investors to make substantial investments and support for the growth and development of the country. Panama offers as such the citizenship sponsored by the government. Through an investment program, but a permanent residence or a passport for non-citizens It is quite possible for foreigners.


Called Friendship, Business, and Navigation treaty between the Republics of Panama and Italy – with the objective to encourage Italians to establish economic and professional activities in Panama..



If you wish to retire in Panama, you may apply for a Pensionado visa. This visa grants permanent residency in Panama to foreigners, who are willing to immigrate to Panama and have a lifetime income of at least US$1,000 per month



Any foreigner who wants to apply to a Self-Solvency Visa has to invest a minimum of three hundred thousand dollars (US $300,000). The investment has to increase by US $2,000 for each dependent.



This Permit is regulated by Decree 804 of October 9, 2012, which grants foreigners who have university degrees or careers that are not vetoed by the National Constitutional for Panamanians who live and work in Panama.Have a university degree or Master's or Postgraduate 



Business Investor Panama is a immensely popular for immigration .
The country has a stable economy and comfortable climate because of its strategic location connecting South and Central America.



Any foreigner who plans to work in Panama requires an immigration visa that enables him to apply to a work permit. However, the residence process must be completed first, because it is one of the requirements to request a work permit.The options are


Migration Services Department.

Our team of specialists have vast experience in the field of Migration Law and acknowledges the importance of this field for the successful operation of international clients in their establishment in Panama. We provide advice on a great variety of visas for the foreigners that are keen of exploring possible ventures in Panama,

Additionally, we also offer other migration services:

  • Authorized Visa for countries with restricted nationalities.
  • Visa for multiple entries and exits.
  • Visa for frequent travelers.
  • Opening of bank accounts.
  • Other related migration services.

FAQ : frequently asked questions

immigration visas

The Application Free Calculator is an easy way to estimate the fees payable to the Department of Immigration and the extra expenses , such has notary , legal translations, medical attest, Lawyers etc.. When making a application.

Fees associated with the application

  • If your documents (such a degrees, work documents etc.) are not in Spanish , you must provide a translation of these documents. This has to be done by an authorized translator from Panama .
  • You must include several photographs and the rules are quite specific (yes, Panamanians are weird with passport pictures!). Depending where you live, it adds up. — not cheap if you immigrate as a family!
  • You may need to have your foreign degrees recognized in Panama. This is called a credential evaluation, and it’s done by specific organization, such as World Education Services. A basic official evaluation cost about $115 and up.
  • If you are from a country where nor Spanish is the official language, you will have to prove your language abilities. This is one of the 6 selection factors for skilled workers. The language proficiency test must given by an organization that is approved by Citizenship and Immigration.
  • A medical exam is compulsory for each applicant and their dependents (spouse, children)

The fastest path to permanent residency in Panama is the Friendly Nations Visa. If you are a citizen of any of the 50 countries that Panama considers “Friends of Panama”, you and your direct relatives can apply for immediate permanent residency. Direct relatives include a spouse and children up to 18 years of age or 25 if they are full time students.

The 50 Friendly Nations

There are now 50 countries listed as friendly in the ever-expanding list of countries Panama considers as qualifying for this visa. Here they are, in alphabetical order.

        Read more here 


Build a new life in Panama
There are many reasons why the Panama's Friendly Nations Visa always comes up when people search for the Easiest Country to get Citizenship.
The main reason why Panama is the easiest country to get citizenship is the popular Friendly Nations Visa and over 20 affordable Residency visas. Many of these Permanent Residency Visas lead to a Second Passport and Panama Citizenship. These newly established Immigration programs were created by a group of Ministers and senior government officials who were successful business people prior to serving their government and wanted to make the panama nationality as a model of a prosperous country.
multiple visa

This Visa is required by Immigration to EVERY foreigner that has a file in process.
This means that if you have applied to a Residency or Visa
in Immigration and it is in process and you want to travel from Panama,
you should request the Multiple Visa

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