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Bank Account Panama

Opening Bank account introduction

We can introduce you to well established banks that will be suited to your personal business needs. Full internet access, credit/debit cards and ATM Cards making you able to access your account from almost anywhere in the world.

There are approximately 100 banks operating in Panama varying from global banks, private banks, local banks, and investment banks. The government owns two banks which are popular with the locals which offer the same services as the other banks.

Most banks are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 3 pm and on Saturday 8:30 am to Noon or 1 pm.

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Panama’s Real Estate

Sales and Rentals

Our partners offers you the best services

Investment Consultation

We are the experts on the market and its long-term potential. .

Property Management

Immigration Visa 247 offers a full range of cutting edge property management services.

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Every Panama real estate transaction should be scrutinized by legal professionals.

Accountant services

Using numbers and financial statements, an accountant describes the health of a company, organization or individual, by using their skills in math, accounting, law and finance.

Migration, Visas and Citizenship – Panama Immigration Services:

“By obtaining citizenship in another country, the investor becomes a citizen of that country which entitles them to carry that country’s passport. “Depending on the countries involved, the investor will be able to keep their existing citizenship and passport and thus the new passport becomes their second passport.”

Living and Working in Panama

Currency Stability: World currencies can fluctuate depending upon political or economic conditions in each country. Avoiding the problem with exchange rates can relieve worries and pressures. Some currencies have restrictions moving into and out of certain countries. Look for a country whose own currency is stable while having banks which can handle deposits in different currencies Avoiding Income Taxes: Panama is considered a “Tax Haven” because it does not tax income generated outside of Panama. For income generated inside Panama, all of the normal business deductions are available (rent, utilities, wages, equipment & supplies, business entertainment, etc.) while income tax rates are low. Panama has many different types of immigration visas and residency programs offering permanent residency, and in many cases, full citizenship with a passport

Panama the fasted country in the world for Immigration visa services - Residency and Citizenship

Migration, Visas and Citizenship – Panama Immigration Services

Immigration Visas and Citizenship – Panama Immigration Services

Living, doing business and investing

Migration Visas Citizenship Panama offers a tropical climate, rising tourism, exuberant flora and fauna, sunny beaches, mountains, lakes, a very modern capital, easy access to high-speed internet connections, low unemployment, and opinion polls that tell us that 80% of the population have a positive impression has its own economic future. This makes Panama a fantastic country to live, do business and invest.

Tax in Panama

Panama applies the territorial taxation principle, which means that only income and profits from Panama are taxed, and that no distinction is made between residents, foreigners. Company tax on income and profits from Panama itself are taxed at 30% and is 42% above half a million dollars. VAT and import duties are quite low.

Health and health care

In general, Panama is seen as a hygienic country with excellent healthcare and relatively low health risks. Especially in the cities you will find modern hospitals and clinics, where American doctors often work.

Panama is the fastest country in the world for immigration visa services - residency and Citizenship!

Panama has a good infrastructure with quality highways which connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the interior.

The economy in Panama

Panama is a prosperous country. That is because a lot of money is earned with the Panama Canal. Tourism and agriculture are also an important source of income. In addition, the country has a flourishing banking sector and the export of tropical fruit is increasing enormously. Panama's economy has grown steadily in recent years, despite the economic crisis in many parts of the world. Panama is on the rise, partly due to the widening of the Panama Canal. With the broadening of the Panama Canal, Panama can facilitate the new generation of cruise and cargo ships which will provide additional revenue for the Panamanian government, which will benefit further economic growth.

Welcome in Panama :

Panama is an immensely popular jurisdiction for its companies and foundations. The country has a stable economy and a comfortable climate due to its strategic location between South and Central America. Panama has recently developed modern medical and banking systems and has recently become notorious as a 'pension destination'.

Panama for investors and pensioners

Panama encourages foreign investors and business investors to make substantial investments and support for the growth and development of the country. Panama offers as such the government-sponsored citizenship through an investment program, but a permanent residence or a passport for non-citizens is quite possible for foreigners. Because the minimum investment is very affordable, the residency program is quite attractive for foreigners who want to invest in companies or their pension in Panama..

Living in Panama

Panama has long been a favorite with pensioners, second-home buyers and real estate investors. Everything costs a fraction of what you pay here. Costs for living are low and building land and real estate are still affordable here. Panama's huge investment in infrastructure creates a new urban vitality and a renewed sense of livability in Panama. Buyers come from all over the world. Panama is the hub for the rich in Latin America and the high-end market and thus the place-to-be.

The language in Panama

The vast majority of Panama's population speaks Spanish, the official language in the country. More and more people also speak English. At the schools, English is now a compulsory subject.

Panama is an ideal country to live

Is Panama Right for You? – For most expats, moving to Panama is one of the best decisions they ever make. Panama offers a number of advantages over other Central American countries, such as tax benefits, incentive schemes for foreign investors and discount schemes for pensioners. All this makes investing in land in Panama extremely interesting.Panama could arguably be called the world's best haven. There is no doubt that Panama has serious pluses for those looking for a country with a cheaper standard of living than the United States and Europe. Panama is blessed with beautiful islands, ample coastline beaches, mountain retreats, and colonial towns.

Living, doing business and investing

Migration, Visas and Citizenship – Immigration Visa Services Panama .Friendly nations Visa Panama: Investor program, Reforestation Visa, Self Economic Solvency Visa, and Zone Investor Programs , There is even a Panama immigration visa program for middle income foreigners who wish to retire in Panama on a set pension,Panama a fantastic country to live, do business and invest.Panama immigration processing services requires Panamanian lawyers who are specialists in immigration law. The Panama immigration lawyers at immigrationvisa247.com have extensive experience in processing all types of Panama residency visas, and for more than 20 years, we have been helping clients immigrate to Panama. stamped visa does not require a previous authorization of the Panamanian Migration Office, and can be obtained at a Panamanian Consulate before traveling to Panama. The citizens of the following countries require a stamped visa to visit Panama: Chad, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Philippines, Peru

Citizenship and permanent residence

Immigration 247 offers representation services and advice to applicants wanting to obtain permanent residence or citizenship.

You have questions about the documents, deadlines or procedures? Immigration 247 simplifies that process for you.

The final admission of the candidates falls within the Government of Panama.


Evaluation from your medical history and that of your family members and will also perform a security check.

If you successfully complete this stage, you will be issued a permanent resident visa .

Permanent residence is not a citizenship, but it confers a right of permanent residence .

A permanent resident is still a citizen of his country of origin.

All procedure with the immigration office must be done with a Panamanian lawyer.


If you have any concerns about missing documents, supporting documents, on time frames and deadlines, Or staff will guide you to apply to this program in the most credible way.
Only permanent residents are qualified to apply for Panamanian citizenship.

To apply for Panamanian citizenship, the permanent resident must have maintained his status for either a minimum of five years.(calculate from the day you have the Cedulla)

Or lawyers will assist you in finding the quickest steps to obtain the desired status.


Permanent Residence (we have different program)
Super Visa (Multiple Visa)
Work Permit Experience
Study Permit
Work Permit Immigration
Immigration experts supports you strategically throughout the various procedures required to settle in Panama.


We are here to help you realize your projects and simplify these procedures.

  • Make it easy to process your immigration application:
    Evaluate your skills
    Determine the best type of immigration in Panama for you
    Prepare, fill out and submit your request
    Communicate with the Immigration Office
    Prepare for your interview official migration department.
    Monitor the progress of your application until your visa is issued
    Facilitate your establishment in the country :
    Preparing your arrival.
    Inform you of about the residency obligations

Time required to process your application

Facilitate the process of obtaining a study permit for a family member
Immigration 247 is here to help you complete the process while meeting your specific needs.

Expertise in Panamanian immigration
Temporary Resident Visa
Work permits for intra-corporate transferees, workers with specialized knowledge, professionals, consultants and other categories of workers with an exemption from a labor market opinion
Work permits for a large number of workers (in accordance with Panama law)
Study Permit for Family Members
Application for permanent residence
Application for Panamanian citizenship


Professional Services. Whether you would like to visit family on a tourist visa, to study, work, or immigrate to Panama . Our qualified Registered Panamanian Immigration Lawyers offers professional, reliable advice, and a range of services tailored to your needs, adapt on the Panamanian immigration laws .


More than a law firm, to become an essential support to any and all foreigners that wish to take advantage of the legal, economic and fiscal advantages that Panama has to offer; by providing integral legal advice and a business plan to aid in reaching your goals and objectives, always working within the legal frame work and respecting the norms and best practices on a national and international level.

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