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Friendly Nations Visa

1050 usd
  • Does not include attorneys' fees and miscellaneous expenses
  • Key benefits of the Panama Friendly Nations Visa
  • •The process is very fast.
  • •The applicant can live in Panama and has the right to obtain the identity card and the work permit
  • •Panama is a low-tax country, where foreign sourced income is tax exempt.

Immigration Panama 

Reforestation Visa

1050 usd
  • Does not include attorneys' fees and miscellaneous expenses
  • Investment in reforestation requirements are as follows:
  • •Minimum investment amount of US $60,000
  • •The area can’t be smaller than 5 hectares of timber land titled in the investor’s name or in the name of a corporation in which the investor has at least a 51% share.

Residency  Panama

Business Investor Visa

1050 usd
  • Does not include attorneys' fees and miscellaneous expenses
  • •The minimum investment in a business of US$160,000;
  • •A commercial license;
  • •A physical office or store front;
  • •Registration of Applicant’s name on the board of directors as the President of the corporation.
  • •A minimum of 5 Panamanian employees on the payroll;
  • In case of dependents the applicant will need an additional US $2,000 for each dependent.



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Retired or Pensioned Persons Visa Panama

1050 usd Basic government Fees
  • Does not include attorneys' fees and miscellaneous expenses
  • No income tax is paid in Panama for the pension received nor the interest gained from the fixed term deposit
  • Tax free importation of new or used household goods for up to USD 10,000.00
  • Tax free importation of a car, for personal or family use, every two years
  • All benefits given to Panamanian retired persons by Law No. 6 of 1987 (discounts in restaurants, hotels, and some tax benefits)
  • No obligation to pay warranty deposits, as required for other types of visas. After filing the application, the whole procedure may take two months

The economy in Panama

Panama is a prosperous country.

That is because a lot of money is earned with the Panama Canal.

Tourism and agriculture are also an important source of income.

In addition, the country has a flourishing banking sector

and the export of tropical fruit is increasing enormously.

Panama's economy has grown steadily in recent years,

despite the economic crisis in many parts of the world.

Welcome in Panama :

Panama is an immensely popular jurisdiction

for its companies and foundations.

The country has a stable economy and a comfortable climate

due to its strategic location between South and Central America.

Panama has recently developed modern medical

and banking systems

and has recently become

notorious as a 'pension - retirement destination'.

Panama for Investors and Retirement Residency

Panama encourages foreign investors and business investors

to make substantial investments and support

for the growth and development of the country.

Panama offers as such the government-sponsored citizenship

through an investment program,

but a permanent residence

or a passport for non-citizens

is quite possible for foreigners.

Frequently asked questions Panama Immigration

Here is a list with a short explanation of every Panama immigration visa that grants permanent residency:

  1. Panama Friendly Nations Visa.
  2. Panama Self Economic Solvency Visa.
  3. Panama Business Investor Visa. Panama
  4. Reforestation Investor Visa.
  5. Panama Retired or Pensioned Program.
  6. Marry a Panama Citizen
  7. Special agreement for Italian citizen
  8. Domestic Workers Temporally


Panama immigration programs

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This Visa is required by Immigration to EVERY foreigner that has a file in process.
This means that if you have applied to a Residency or Visa
in Immigration and it is in process and you want to travel from Panama,
you should request the Multiple Visa

The Application Free Calculator is an easy way to estimate the fees payable to the Department of Immigration and the extra expenses , such has notary , legal translations, medical attest, Lawyers etc.. When making a application.

Fees associated with the application

  • If your documents (such a degrees, work documents etc.) are not in Spanish , you must provide a translation of these documents. This has to be done by an authorized translator from Panama .
  • You must include several photographs and the rules are quite specific (yes, Panamanians are weird with passport pictures!). Depending where you live, it adds up. — not cheap if you immigrate as a family!
  • You may need to have your foreign degrees recognized in Panama. This is called a credential evaluation, and it’s done by specific organization, such as World Education Services. A basic official evaluation cost about $115 and up.
  • If you are from a country where nor Spanish is the official language, you will have to prove your language abilities. This is one of the 6 selection factors for skilled workers. The language proficiency test must given by an organization that is approved by Citizenship and Immigration.
  • A medical exam is compulsory for each applicant and their dependents (spouse, children)
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