Basic Cost and Fees

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Retirement Visa Panama Legal fees 1 person


LEGAL fees: $1,615.00 for one person  IMMIGRATION fees: $210.00 (in the beginning of the process when you come the first time), $200.00 (when the visa is approved). NOTARY fees: Approximately $85.00 TRANSLATION: it will depend on the amount of pages in the documents. The translator charges $12.00 per page. AUTHENTICATION of documents: it will depend if you do the documents with an apostille or authenticated in the panamanian consulate. If you apostille we can use it as it is, if you authenticated in the panamanian consulate we have to do a second authentication in Panama City, that would be $50.00 per document. MEDICAL certificate: $Depend the medical hospital  Fees and other cost such copies , passfotos etc . A full Cost and Fees calculation will be delivered before the signature on the contract . You will not have surprises .

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Friendly Nations Visa Panama 1 person Legal fees


There are extra cost and fees ,

Friendly Nation Visa Panama offers 3 different choice to enter , the cost will depend on the program that you will select

The economic activity requirement is now limited to two options:

1. Be employed in Panama by a legal Panama Corporation with a formal labor contract, and a Panama work permit.

2. Purchase a real estate property with a minimum value of US$200,000 (bank financing is permitted).
Please note that those who already submitted their applications for residency under the Friendly Nations program and are in process, or those who submit their applications before the 5th of August 2021, will enter under the previous Friendly Nations law requirements.

However, those who have not applied by the 5th of August 2021 will be required to comply with the new requirements.

Legal Fee Schedule

Description of ServiceFee
Reforestation Residency Program
( Includes Government Fees )
Regular Reforestation Business investment of at least $80,000
Phase 1 – Residency Application and 1 year Provisional Resident Visa:US$2,800
Phase 2 – Permanent Resident Visa:US$2,300
Phase 3 – Naturalization and Passport Application (Optional):US$5,500
Immediate Panama Passport Program
– Legal Fee – Processing of Panama PassportUS$5,000
– Government Fees and CostsUS$1000
Self Economic Solvency Visa For Primary Applicant
Stage 1 – Residency Application and 1 year Provisional Resident VisaUS$2,800
Stage 2 – Permanent Residency Visa:US$2,300
Stage 3 – Naturalization (Citizenship / Passport)US$5,500
Self Economic Solvency Visa For Dependents (spouse or children under 18 yrs)
Stage 1 – Residency Application and 1 year Provisional Residency Visa:US$1,500
Stage 2 – Permanent Residency Visa:US$2,000
Stage 3 – Naturalization (Citizen / Passport):US$5,500
Agricultural Investor Program
Three Month Visa & 1 Year provisional Visa (Steps 1, 2 & 3)
– Primary ApplicantUS$2,000
– DependentUS$1,500
– Government fees & costsUS$800
Business Investor Program
– Minimum investment US$150,000Contact Us
Tax Free Processing Zone Investor ProgramContact Us
Retired or Pensioned Program (Visa Pensionado)
( Includes Government Fees )
For Primary Applicant
– Permanent Resident Card (plus expenses US$500 to Immigration)US$1,700
For Dependents
– Permanent Resident Card (plus expenses US$500 to Immigration)US$1,200
City of Knowledge Work Visa Program
For Primary Applicant
2 year Work Visa + Gov. FeesUS$3,800
For Dependents (spouse or children under 18 yrs):
2 year Temporary Visa + Gov. FeesUS$2,300
Missionary VisaContact Us
Student VisaContact Us
( Includes Government Fees )
Multiple Entry & Exit Visa (1 year or less)US$460
Multiple Entry & Exit Visa (2 years)US$420

Legal Consultation Fees

Legal Consultation: 75 per hour
Written Legal Opinion: 200 per hour
Letters, including Collections: 250 per hour

Promissory note: 400

Operating License: $250
Change to Operating License: $150
License with Prerequisites: $350
Trademarks Single-Class: $500
Trademarks Multi-Class: $1,000
Renovation Single-Class: $350
Renovation Multi-Class: $400
Registry Customs-Free Zones: $250
Trademark Opposition: $1,500
Opposition Appeals: $2,000


Limited Liability Corporation: $1,000
Corporation: $500
Foundation: $1,800
Corporation By-Laws: $500
Minutes for Meetings: $250
Dissolution: $500
Good Standing Certificate: $150
Resident Agent: $300 per year
Nominee: $800
Legal Rep / President: $1,800


INCORPORATIONS, TRANSFERS or RE-DOMICILES* Entity Prices Include First Year Corporate Franchise Tax.* 7% ITBMS Panama Sales Tax (VAT) applicable only for Panama legal services.