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ImmiPa also helps immigrants successfully integrate into the Panamanian culture and society, by providing assistance and guidance.

Business and investor mobility solutions.

Panama Immigration Services can issue work permits, residency permits, and passports.

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As a full-service law firm, ImmiPa focuses on tailoring the very best immigration and corporate solutions to meet the needs of our clients. For business, investors, individuals, and families seeking "impossible" immigration visas, we offer innovative solutions.

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Every time you move abroad, you experience a rollercoaster of emotions. A new place, a new habit, a new challenge. Changes like these are not to be feared; on the contrary, they are addictive.



World's top retirement destination Panama

The Panamanian lifestyle is healthier and happier at a lower cost.

Pensioners and retirees with lifelong pensions can apply for the Panama retirement visa.  We have a dedicated team of immigration lawyers with experience processing Panama retirement visas.

Foreigners with a pension income that is guaranteed for the rest of their lives can qualify for the Panama Pensionado Visa.  To qualify, you simply have to meet the requirements listed below and submit the required documents.

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We offer global mobility solutions to businesses and investors.

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Panama has a dynamic economy, unparalleled connectivity, a safe environment, and a tax, labor, and migration regime that is competitive, business-friendly, and transparent.

Business-friendly tax system

Taxes in Panama are pro-competitive and business-friendly.

Via the Friendly Nations Visa Program CLICK HERE

A work permit application, a resident permit application, and a passport application

 Panama Friendly Nations Visa: See the list FRIENDLY NATIONS VISA PANAMA . PAISES AMIGOS VISA A PANAMAof 50 countries (Quality of Foreign Nationals from Specific Countries Maintaining Friendly, Professional, and Economic Investment Relations with the Republic of Panama).
The term "professional and economic ties" refers to the establishment of professional or economic ties between these 50 countries and Panama. There are two ways to accomplish this:
Obtain a work permit and an employment contract from a legal Panama corporation.
Purchase real estate that can be financed by a local institution for at least 200,000 USD.

Citizens of any of the 50 countries considered "friendly" to Panama can move here with their immediate family and obtain a permanent residence visa. To qualify, citizens of the 50 friendly countries can either purchase property in Panama worth US$200,000 or be employed by a Panamanian company. The 50 friendly nations are: South Africa, Germany, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, United States of America, Finland, France, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Marin, Montenegro, Norway, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Peru, Uruguay, United Kingdom (Great Britain and Northern Ireland).

Foreigners working for a Panamanian company
Foreigners working for a Panamanian company in a "qualified" capacity paying social security taxes and holding a university degree and a professional license (if their country requires it) can become permanent residents after two years of temporary residence. The term "professional" is not limited to the definition of the Panamanian Constitution or the laws defining a professional for citizens.

Visas for Panamanian investors involved in reforestation:

There are now three options available to Reforestation Investors in Panama following the recent

changes to the law: Through special laws, foreigners can obtain temporary or permanent residence permits in Panama, work permits in Panama and, in some cases, Panamanian citizenship.

An overview of Panamanian immigration services:

Please contact us if you are thinking about retiring to Panama, relocating to Panama, or considering investing in our country.

A work permit application, a resident permit application, and a passport application

Panama is a pleasant place to live, so why would you want to move here?

Lawyers who specialize in Panamanian immigration processing are required for Panamanian immigration services.

There are several types of Panama residency visas that Panama immigration lawyers can process for you. The firm has assisted clients in immigrating to Panama and obtaining citizenship for more than 16 years. Throughout the years, our team of immigration attorneys has processed countless Panama visas for foreigners seeking to live and work in Panama. We also have a strong presence in the Panamanian legal community, making the immigration process as smooth as possible.

We specialize in Panama immigration law, which allows us to provide legal solutions for all Panamanian residency, visa, and citizenship options.

Law Firms specializing in Panama Immigration & Residency

As an individual, as a family, or as a dependent of an existing Panamanian resident, you have different options for obtaining permanent residency in Panama. Take a closer look at each option.

In general, permanent residents come to the country for economic or investment reasons, for demographic or family reunification reasons, or for special reasons.

Documents required for residency:

All Panama immigration applications must be accompanied by the following general requirements. These documents are required by Panamanian immigration law. Depending on your Panama immigration visa, you will need additional documents. National Migration Service website has some forms.

Obtain permanent residency with a notarized special power of attorney.
Copy your passport notarized. Passports must have a one-year validity period.
You should have a criminal background check from your country of origin or the country where you have lived for the last two years. Background checks must be authenticated by an embassy or consulate in Panama or apostilled from the same country. The report must be prepared by a federal, central, or national police service.
In cases where criminal records are not from the applicant's country of citizenship, they must be apostilled or authenticated.
Panama National Police is required to provide a criminal history report to Panamanian residents who haven't left the country for two years.
This is the result of a Panamanian doctor's original medical examination:
US$800 repatriation fund payable to the National Immigration Service if deported.
Applicants must pay 250 USD to the National Treasury (Tesoro Nacional).
Under oath, an affidavit explaining why the applicant wishes to become a permanent resident of Panama and its ability to support them. During this process, our lawyer will provide you with a form.

Business and Corporations

Because we are lawyers who bring value, I am personally interested in the success of your business.


Whether you are a new business owner and want someone knowledgeable to guide and protect you.
Whether you're an experienced investor and want a top-notch attorney without all the overhead.

You need a one-of-a-kind business attorney with all the credentials, none of the ego, who wants you to succeed and grow.

Panama corporations have been recognized worldwide as a business tool. They can be used successfully in various areas of international trade, asset protection, planning and management of acquisitions in the real estate market and in many other areas.

The combination of favorable factors for business development makes Panamanian society attractive for business: Panama operates under a territorial tax system where residents and non-residents are taxed only on income derived from Panama.

Income that does not originate in Panama or does not originate in this country is not subject to tax in Panama. There are no economic substance requirements. Dividends received by a Panamanian resident company from another Panamanian company are exempt from corporation tax. A corporation is resident if it is incorporated under Panamanian law and the central management and control of the corporation is exercised in Panama.

Panama SA Company

Panama Fondations 

Commercial license Panama 

Start your brand-new business by starting a business in Panama. It's fast and you can run your business entirely online. No visit required.

permanent resident status to any applicant and dependents.

Panama's immigration is one of the most welcoming in the world, whether you want to travel or immigrate. This amazing country has immigration visas that offer permanent or temporary residency. In some cases, permanent residency can lead to Panamanian citizenship and passport. How can a country that has so much to offer be so accommodating to foreigners?

The objective of some immigration programs in Panama is to attract higher education professionals abroad and various skilled workers to fill the void caused by Panama's economic growth in recent years.

The rules are clear and do not pose a significant threat to Panamanian citizens due to the laws that govern Panamanian businesses. These laws only allow the hiring of a certain percentage of foreigners when companies are unable to find qualified workers and professionals to meet their hiring needs. It is pertinent to note that some commercial enterprises such as retail businesses are prohibited for residents (non-citizens). In addition, residents are prohibited from practicing in certain professional fields such as doctors or veterinarians, lawyers, architects and engineers.

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