Immigrating to Panama

Immigrating to Panama offers numerous opportunities for individuals seeking a new life.

What are the benefits of immigrating to Panama and becoming a resident?

  • Panama is a tropical country where one can live peacefully or visit part-time or own a second home.
  • In the event of war or any type of political or civil unrest that threatens ones family, having a "safe haven" in Panama is essential.
  • Get a Panamanian residency visa after retirement and live in Panama permanently.
  • Moving to Panama, a tropical, stable, safe country where living costs are much less than in the United States, Canada, Europe, etc.
  • Take advantage of Panama's territorial tax system and relocate to a more "tax-friendly" country. It is important to note that US citizens or residents are subject to global taxation regardless of whether they have a second residency or a second citizenship.
  • Business operations should be relocated to a country with low barriers to entry.
  • Get a better deal on real estate in a country where it's still affordable to purchase homes in the city or land near the ocean, mountains, lakes, and so forth.
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