Calculs | estimation Immigration Panama frais et dépenses

Calculs | estimation Immigration Panama frais et dépenses

Ce calcul est une estimation, il est valable pour la plupart des programmes d'émigration, ne contredisant pas qu'il peut y avoir des différences de prix.
Le calcul est par personne, mais vous verrez plus tard que le deuxième conjoint ou conjoint est un peu moins cher et il y a aussi une différence de prix pour les enfants mineurs jusqu'à 12 ans

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Estimate price for immigration package

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  • Prix: $1,072.00 Quantité :
    this amount is compulsory to pay per person who is part of your family and who participates in the emigration file (obligate from the gouvernement and also will be pay directly at the immigration office). Price 1/800 +11 tax repatriation 811 usd 2/ Startup fees at the immigration office 250 usd plus 11 tax 261 usd
  • Prix: $1,800.00 Quantité :
    In Panama you obligated to have a immigration lawyer this are our fees . Attorney / Honorary, Transfer, Preparing file, Submitting file, Presentation at the immigration office, immigration escort, Follow-up file, and other services to complete the emigration package
  • Prix: $360.00 Quantité :
    All documents that are not original in Spanish must be translated by a legal Panamanian translator in Panama. We work in English Spanish, if your documents are originally in another language, you must first have them legally and professionally translated into English in your country (never directly in Spanish that is not accepted by the government) the legal translators of Panama will then convert these into Spanish and finish them after checking. We can handle that for you or you take your own Legal Panamanian translator
  • Prix: $360.00 Quantité :
    Medical certificates of good health, which are carried out in one of the authorized centers of the government, are mandatory
  • Prix: $160.00 Quantité :
    The Panamanian civil-law notary has to check and sign various documents for the emigration office, the basic price is 160 usd (if extra actions need to be added, this will be an extra cost, we will discuss this with you first)
  • Prix: $120.00 Quantité :
    Various costs, photo shoots, pass photos, first residence carnet
  • Prix: $360.00 Quantité :
    The Residency Visas is for foreigners so they can establish residency and permanently reside within the territory of the Republic of Panama. Every Immigrant or Resident should have an Entry and Exit Visa if he or she plans to travel into and or out of the Republic of Panama.An "Immigrant" is a foreigner or tourist that has applied for a resident Visa in the Republic of Panama. A "Resident" is a foreigner or tourist that has completed a resident Visa application program and has obtained a Permanent Resident Card in Panama. The Multiple Entry & Exit Visa allows foreigners to enter and exit the Republic of Panama as many times as necessary during the validity of the Multiple Entry and Exit Visa, or until the expiration date of the Visa.Time frame: It takes approximately five (5) business days to process the Multiple Entry & Exit Visa at the Immigration office.Validity of the Multiple Entry & Exit Visa depends on the Legal status of Client: If Immigrant (Resident Visa is in process): the Multiple Entry and Exit Visa is valid for one year or less (depending on the expiration date of the current provisional resident visa). If Permanent Resident (Resident Visa is completed): the Multiple Entry and Exit Visa should be valid for a maximum term of two years.
  • Prix: $500.00 Quantité :
    With the Friendly nation visa program you obligated to have a active Panama bank account , with minimum 5000 usd deposit in the account . The bank must make a attestation for the immigration office . We provide help and escort to the bank . You are not obligated to take our services for this , but you must have the bank account open to start the immigration process

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